12 November, 2008

Cards (horrible pictures, sorry)

Ok. So I still have not found my Cameras battery charger (UGHGGH)
I had to resort to my webcam, which of course is just this little outdated horrible thing..The picture quality is terrible.
At least you will get the idea hopefully of the concept of my cards, and imagine them with more sparkle! LOL

Investiture/Rededication Reminder Card for my Girl Scouts

Card I made for my Troop, each one was personalized with a brad for the initial of their first name. I made these today for World Kindness Day and World Kindness Week (11/10-16)

I also included a bookmark I made in the card.. i will drop these off at the post office in a few minutes.

Twilight themed card..very simple front

This is actually the top of the card, and it is stamp upside down and glittered.. obviously if you were dazzled you could not read a card right..? :D

and then of course where the sentiment would go Edward Cullen at the bottom corner (of course you were dazzled..)

Tri Fold card...Team Edward!

Jacob on the inside!

Twilight.. You can not tell but that red is actually a glittery heart in the tree
yummy!apples, vampires who else would it be? Edward Cullen! LOL
Vamp and Werewolf stamps as well sentiments are Unity Stamps
Twilight, Tree and my Girl Scout Card is Close to My Heart Stamps
Creative Basics paper, Silhouette, The Star paper is from DCWV Rockstar


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