13 November, 2008

My New TOY!

Yeah! With the money I have earned from babysitting, well at least some of it. I purchased a new IPOD! Mine was one of the bulkier ones, but it stopped holding a charge so I had to constantly have it in our radio dock to listen to the songs.. blech!
I purchased the new Chromatic (pink!) Nano 16gb... my DH's suggestion.
Let me tell you this thing is small, thing and so kewl!I can play games, watch videos, podcasts, movies, and of course listen to music!One of the kewl features my kids like is that if I want to shuffle my songs all I have to do is give it a shake and it shuffles.. Oh and this baby stays charged like a champ! I am so happy..

So I know I bore you with this stuff but current song count: 923 songs = 4.17Gb
Top 5 played songs: Can you guess?
5. Our Song -- Taylor Swift
4. So What --- Pink
3. How to Save A Life ---- The Fray
2. Decode ---- Paramore (a song from the Twilight Soundtrack)
1. Walking on Air ------- Kerli
Newest Song Additions: Marilyn Manson -- Heart Shaped Glasses, If I was Your Vampire, Dope Show, Beautiful People
Twilight Sound Track (Decode, Leave out all the Rest, I caught Myself, Flightless Bird) Great songs!
Pink - Funhouse Album

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