13 November, 2008

Repost of TWILIGHT Cards (better pics!)

Tree is from CTMH Four Seasons Stamp Set #B1319
click Here
Alphabet is from CTMH Friendship Alphabet
White Daisy Ink

Yeah! I found my battery charger for my camera.. I also got some good news! Hubby will come home a tad bit early! So excited!
You can find this set called The Boo Crew from Unity Stamp Co. Here
The sentiment My Vampire can beat your Werewolf Here
or if you would prefer My Werewolf go Here


  1. Oh these are all really CUTE!!! Love your new background and banner!!! HUGS!!!

  2. I LOVE your blog, and have really enjoyed browsing around here. I see you are a SIMS addict, my son (Edward!)has the perfect job then as far as you are concerned, he works for electronic arts EA, so I have all the sim stuff, but can't get on with it at all, all I seem to do is throw tantrums when I am in sim city!! Thanks for the opportunity to peek at your life.

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