15 December, 2008

New Post!! & Apologies

My newest Photo..

Husband on Thanksgiving
Husband Bowling
Card Making for Make a child smile... (I do not have permission to post my Girl Scout Troops photos on my personal blog just our Troop website, so this is of my daughter making cards)

Caitlin going to the school dance 12/5/08

Amanda going to the school dance

me and amanda Thanksgiving

Amanda with a pouty face and Daddy

Amanda & Caitlin after the Girl Scout Investiture 11/15/08

Mike and Angie pre-married... LOL
Happy Belated Thanksgiving Everyone!

For those that follow this blog I apologize that I have not been posting regularly since my Husband returned from his deployment.
Unfortunately with him home things seem to go a hundred miles a minute!
What have we been up to..
Thanksgiving was celebrated with my Husband deep frying Turkeys for the Single Sailors, then in the evening we gathered the family and went to the Galley for a delicious Turkey Dinner that I did not have to worry about cleaning up after..
We hit the day after Thanksgiving Sale and ended up paying $400.00 less for our new Leather Couches with recliners in them... Yeah!! Love them!
My Girl Scout Troop completed 18 cards for the Make A Child Smile Organization! (Thanks for the information on that DeeDee)
I had a Girl Scout Workshop, Girl Scout Meetings, Christmas Tree Lighting, A girl Scout Awards Ceremony and another girl Scout Workshop with a Pizza Party thrown in.
I celebrated my 31st birthday on the 11th of December, my Husbands shipmate brought his fiancee up from the States and they were married on my birthday.. We were the witnesses for the marriage, other than that my Birthday came and went like any other day.
My daughter Amanda was in another Musical titled December Nights December Lights, she had 2 solos in this musical and we were able to videotape her and Daddy was able to see her on stage for the first time! yeah! She was wonderful all of the performances were wonderful!
Oh yes and I am currently on vacation! I am typing this from my hotel room in Dallas, our flight from Narita took off an hour late and although we did land on time there were other planes that had issues so 5 international flights landed within minutes of eachother and even with the 2hour connection time it took us 2 hours to get through customs. We are on our way to Baton Rouge no other flights available so they comped us dinner, breakfast and 2 rooms at a Wyndham Hotel... I have never been able to sleep in/on public transportation. I took maybe a 45 minute catnap on the 11 hour plane ride ...
Anyways I am not sure how long I have slept all I know is it was dark when we ate dinner and I fell asleep shortly after that.. Now it is midnight and I am wide awake! I hope this jet lag does not last too long!
I wanted to update everyone if there is still anyone who visits this site.. I will be making cards and such while on vacation, I have to keep myself occupied somehow! So be on the lookout in the next couple of days for some posts.. Well it has taken me 30 minutes to write this all up and add the photos, I think I am going to go and try to go back to sleep, we have to be on the shuttle at 600am for a flight at 855am to Baton Rouge... (Why 2 hours early? I have no clue, that was what the ticket agent said at the counter when she was giving us our new flights and comps)
(who is only a little tired and super PSYCHED that she will get to see Twilight before any of her friends! Sadly our Military Base shows no signs of receiving the Movie! At least I will be able to see it! (crosses fingers it is still showing in a Theater somewhere))


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