16 January, 2009

Creative Block

I apologize for not posting any cards and such lately. My youngest DD is getting braces, but she needs other work first. She has a cross bite and the Dentist says her issue is also overcrowding. So she will wear an expander (which was just put in on Thursday), which we have to adjust 2 times a day. In one week he will reevaluate her and let us know how much longer she has to wear it. So this week was 2 trips to the Dentist next week is one.. I will be making many more trips to the Dentist with her on a weekly basis..

Also Girl scout cookie sales are in full swing, I am a leader of a Junior Troop and because I do not have adult participation and my Co leader is also a co leader for a second Troop I am committed to every weekend selling Cookies at our Booth Sales. My time is not my own, I would love to go in and make a card, but I just have not the time or inspiration.

Hopefully I can get some stuff done and posted tonight! See ya'll later, I have to locate a table to sell cookies!

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