27 January, 2009

Just a few things!

Cards, Cards and more Cards will be posted in the next couple of days. i am trying to catch up on everything. Monday I went to Shibuya for a Girl Scout Exchange between UK Girl Guides and Japanese Girl Guides. Every year for the past 12 years they have come together for an exchange of ideas. This year the focus was on Water and Peace. the UK Girl Guide Leaders spent approxiamiately 2 weeks in Japan, and worked with the Japanese Girl Scouts as well as visiting a water plant, a water museum, Hiroshima etc to get a better understanding of how can they can reach this goal. On Monday as part of West Paficic Girl Scouts myself and 2 others attended the end results of this gathering for the presentation.

It was alot of fun and I learned some things about the UK and Japan about the usage of water and their ideas of how to attain peace. Other things also like I really should go visit Hiroshima before I leave Japan, that a tour of a Water Plant would probably be a good idea for my Junior Troop.

I also made some connections, we hope to do an exchange of emails or letters between our troops.

Tuesday was my Girl Scout meeting and we are finishing up our quilted pillows, and then there are cookie sales, world thinking day and choosing our end of the year trip, making sure everyone is able to go on the trip.... Alot going on yesterday! Today has been my day to relax and as I sit here relaxing knowing I should be cleaning up the house or my craft room so I can make something anything crafty I see that it is almost time for the munchkins to come home.
Tomorrow is a 30 minute drive to Zama to see if Caitlins teeth have expanded far enough or if she will need another week with the expander and turning it twice a day in her mouth.

I promise to post more cards or other creations soon!

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