02 February, 2009

1200 Free Prints WOW! Free 8x8 Photobook!!

ArtsCow a newer photo printing company is offering some outstanding deals..!!

Follow this link to sign up and you will automatically get 1200 FREE prints! (photo printing and such much like Shutterfly)

Honestly I just found this site from a link on the Cricut board and decided what the heck I would give it a try.. I ordered some photos for my Girl Scout Troop for their scrapbooks along with 3 8x8 photo books as I have some girls leaving who will not complete their scrapbooks and some 4x6 5x7 and 10 buttons for my Troop and my total with shipping was $40.00..

I also have 10 coupon codes (each code can only be used once which is why I am not posting the code) that are good for 1 8x8 Photo book with 30 pages. If you would like the code leave a message and a point of contact and I will email it to you ASAP.. Offer expires 3/19/2009


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