13 February, 2009

Feeling Better

4 LOOOOONNNNGGG days of being sick.. How terrible it was. I lost my Mojo and have to find a way to get it back. I am going to be MIA for about 4 days because of Girl Scout Conference..Yeah!

Well wouldn't you know that after being sick and not checking my emails I check my email on the 11th and find that $870.00 has been authorized from Paypal and they have frozen my account because of suspicious activities..

Needless to say I did not authorize the 3 transactions totaling 870, I have had to change passwords and as soon as I am able to get back into my account and change things with paypal I will do that as well. They investigated the charges on their own, but to be safe I also filed a dispute for the charges with paypal. Then off to the bank I went the other day to report fraud on my account and to have the charges stopped. Unfortunately they had already processed through my account but by filing the claim I could be credited and while the research these transactions and clear me I will be fine, but if they credit me and find that it is an accurate charge (which it is not) then they will debit the account again.

So I am a little peeved at Paypal, now I can not use my paypal account which I have become reliant on as are soo many businesses/websites.. I was really looking forward to purchasing some things off of etsy that I have had my eye on for a while.. Darn it!

I hope everyone else is having a better week. Take care!

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