02 March, 2009

Anniversary,Puppies and Ipod

Sorry about the absence in posting ladies.. I have been super busy with my Girl Scout Troop for World Thinking Day and still trying to sell the 5 cases (60 boxes) of Girl Scout Cookies we have left. As well as signing up for Summer camp, arranging a spring Day Camp, lining up an activity for summer Camp, organizing all paper work including permission slips and flyers for our Spring Camp... I have just been super super busy!..

I haven't gotten around to posting some of my Valentines stuff.... On the 22nd my Husband and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary. This has been the first year he has been able to surprise me with a gift, it helped he was in Korea for several weeks and purchased the item there... LOL

As you know I have a newer Ipod Nano, well the items I had for my old Ipod did not charge my new Ipod while on it's docking station, my Ipod could only be charged when plugged into my computer.. Not anymore! My DH purchased this large (4ft) speaker that is made for Ipods and it charges my ipod while playing or not playing and it sounds AWESOME! Yeah DH!!!

other than that, the girls were on their most terrible behavior that day and constant bickering.. I think they were both fighting for time with daddy since he had been gone a while.. so we went to eat but it turned into this nightmare of a time getting there with the girls..once there things calmed down a bit.. then we enjoyed shopping and I ALMOST purchased a miniature pinscher (sp) he was so darn cute 2 months old.. (only 188800Y) The cats would have loved that..

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