02 March, 2009

CTMH confirms 40% off Items

MyCTMH Discounted Items

Many of you and your customers are eagerly awaiting the posting of the retired stamp sets on the Discounted Products section of your MyCTMH website. These stamp sets will be available beginning March 3, 2009, beginning at 9 am (MT).

The stamp sets will be available at 40% off current retail pricing. To help you better set expectations with customers, please note that we have ample supply of these stamp sets. Available stamp sets will be the following:
a. Wisdom (B1199)
b. Groovy Celebration (C1232)
c. Love of My Life (C1258)
d. Card Sentiments (D1111)
e. Memories (D1127)
f. Follow Your Dreams (D1152)
g. Steep and Deep (D1175)
h. My One & Only (D1197)
i. Friendship’s Garden (D1202)
j. My Farm (D1219)

Shop at heatherstamps.myctmh.com


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