03 March, 2009

Fun, Good & BAD News

Fun News! - It snowed a bit tonight and got really chilly, would love to play in the snow again this year (it has been 2 years since we had snow I think)

Good news! - CTMH 40% off Sale Starts in about 20 minutes.. check it out!
heatherstamps.myctmh.com I placed my order.. The good news is you can earn the Stamp of the Month while shopping online!

Bad News :>( While my oldest (11) Amanda was delivering her papers today in the rain around 5pm she was wearing her Heelys with the wheels in and took a spill and broke her leg.. Can you believe that? The poor thing is in a splint until TOMORROW so we can drive 45 minutes away and have her leg casted.. They did give her morphine to ease the pain..


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