27 June, 2009

I am exhausted!

Hello everyone! I am back from a week of Girl Scout camping! I spent 6 days actually camping and 2 days at the camp area prior to the start of camp. Let me tell you being a functioning part of planning a camp and in the innerworkings is/was tiring.

All of the girls had a GREAT time despite the rain that poured down on us 4 out of the 6 days. My job was to schedule all 125 girls to their events and make sure they were rotated and such. I also taught a few classes. One about electromagnetic spectrums and solar cars, also I taught the Science Sleuth & Wonders badge. We learned about fingerprints and crystals, geodes and vibrations. We hiked and rode horses, sat around the camp fire, made smores, sang songs, the girls learned about orienteering and archery and even traded swaps. All of the wonderful Girl Scout Traditions, friendships were made and I was able to watch such wonderful girls change into something even more wonderful in just 6 days it was amazing.

Jessica and Tracy did such a wonderful job without them as Camp and Co Camp Directors Tama Outdoor Camp would not be possible. Peggy for being in charge of the Program Aides, and all of the wonderful 7th grade and up girls who have given up a week of their Summer to be Leaders to other girls, Marcy & Glenn for being able to shuttle our guests that came in by plane and my cohort in almost everything Kara for helping me run and keep my stuff together as well as keeping my clothes dry..

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  1. Sounds wonderful! I did Girl Scout camp for years....I started as a Junior Counselor at age 13 and finally stopped as Art Director when I moved away 10 years later. Such a fun thing to be doing!


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