18 June, 2009

Learning to say

You're Welcome.. is a word that doesn't come from my mouth frequently.. I know that sounds harsh, I am not saying that I am not polite (because I think I am) for some reason (I don't know when) my response to Thank you became "No problem" or "It's no problem", "don't worry about it" something to that effect.

I realized it the other day as I was holding the door open to the Mini Mart to let a gentleman walk out, he said "thank you" and in my head I thought "you're welcome" but what came out was no problem. I was shocked and tried to remember the last time that I had said you're welcome. I couldn't remember, I am raising my daughters to say please and thank you but it seems I probably need to remind them to say you're welcome as well.

I know it may seem trivial and my other answers may seem sufficient but for me personally I think I need to put you're welcome back into my response. I feel like I have cheated everyone out of a friendly response with more meaning and thoughtfulness than a no problem..

I guess this will be a pet peeve of mine.

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