02 July, 2009

4th of July

Just popping in.. How is everyone doing? Getting ready for the 4th? This is one Holiday I really miss being stateside for.. No family gatherings, no 150 Firework stands on every corner, no buying and lghting your own fireworks, no family BBQ's and seeing the excitement as you hand the young nieces and nephews sparklers for their first time, or the amazement of just lighting those black circles and seeing them grow into worms that delight the kids..

None of that for me.. Being on a Military base you can not ignite your own fireworks, being in Japan there are NO firework stands to purhase fireworks..

We will be able to see a firework show at about 9-10:00pm, the fireworks are beautiful and I believe are shot off at or near Yokohama..

Thankfully DH is home this year for it, our plans are we have no plans... Sad, huh? We will probably gather with friends and watch the fireworks show from the school playground..

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