02 July, 2009

Almost Finished

My house is a COMPLETE wreck! Ughgh! It is all DH's fault.. I had to give up my craft room so my daughters could each have their own room, I am banished back to the scrap cage..LOL I will post pictures of it later today.

So my house is a wreck because we had to clean, rearrange and move 3 rooms. We took a trip to Ikea last night to get my oldest daughter (Amanda) a new bed frame as we have removed her mattress from the bunk bed and she also purchased the netting to hang from the ceiling in a circlet and go around her bed. My youngest (Caitlin) will keep the bunk bed and move to the top bunk. DH is going to make the bottom bunk (where there is nothing now not even a mattress) into a desk area for her. (Instead of spending $600.00 on a bed that is exactly like that, in wood we are looking at $100-150 to accomplish it..yeah!)

My Scrap Cage is chock full of everything! I even had to leave a small cabinet full of craft items and one side of my daughters closet full of my stuff as I have accumulated so much.. However the closet holds not only scrapbooking but my Stuff A Friend Business, Candy Bouquet supplies and some Girl Scout craft items..

Well I am off to straighten my house up as much as I can then to take photos of my Scrap Cage and hopefully create something!

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