29 July, 2009

Beware:Fraud & Credit Cards

I just received a phone call from stamps.com welcoming me to them.. How very weird that after reading the message from WVCathy just after ordering from cricutrewards and the charge just posted to my account yesterday/today that this should happen..

The person used my VISA and my address but their email and secret question were incorrect. I had the account closed and called my VISA to close that account as well.. ughhg I use paypal whenever offered as I feel that is a safer route, however there is on occasion places that do not offer paypal as an option...

cricutrewards is one of them and I had to use my VISA and I will go back over my recent charges and see where else I had to use my cc instead of paypal.. recently within in 2-3 weeks (stampington.com, frugalities.com and cricutrewards.com (this is the most recent) NOTE: Nothing against any of these comapnies I am not accusing them of being the culprit..

so buyers as I am sure you know..just beware and always watch your charges being posted.. thankfully the company called me before any charges were made.

This also makes me wonder though, if somehow they were able to obtain my information just from me visiting their site.. I wanted to check out what stamps.com was after WVCathy had posted it..I never signed up or anything I just viewed the site..

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