09 July, 2009

Cleaning out ... Items for Sale!

CTMH Stamp Sets for Sale I accept paypal.. Please email me if you are interested in a set.
I am cleaning out my craft room, starting with my stamp area..
First up: Close to my Heart Stamp Sets.. (Photos are posted HERE)
Butterfly Wings $20.00
A Friend Is $15.00
Miracle $15.00
Expecting $15.00
The Gift of Love $14.00

Used: (Staining on some stamps)
D1208 Ticket Tags $11.00
C1270 Pure Love $9.00
C1217 Smitten $9.00
B1235 Solo K $7.00
D1307 Annotations $11.00
A1053 Love Bug $5.00
D1111 Card Sentiments $11.00
B1280 Best of Times $7.00

Huge Discount:
Let's Shop (missing 4 of the shoes) $4.00
For All you Do (missing word For all you do) $4.00

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