27 July, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Die HARD Harry Potter fan here.. I have some serious Potter Mania going on! I have read all of the books and watched all of the movies numerous times..

However..small spoiler alert if you have not seen the Half Blood Prince yet..

The movie was 2.5 hours long and it seemed to miss some key points of the book. Overall I think I rate this move a B-/C, I knew what was going on because I have read the books. However DH who has not read the books was left asking why and I had to explain alot of the movie to him, which was fun discussing the movie like this with him.

Dumbledore does not visit the Dursley's to collect Harry and talk about the protection on the house and how Harry needs to return one more time.. since he does not collect Harry from the Dursley's there is also no mention of Sirius' will and Harry inheriting everything and of course that means there is no Kreacher in this movie.

Harry and Dumbledore do not talk in the shed with Dumbledore telling the Harry to share the information of the prophecy with Ron & Hermione and that he will be taking lessons with Dumbledore this year.

Nothing about O.W.L scores

Tonks was not at the Weasleys when Harry arrived looking all distraught, no Tonks at the train to discover Harry after Malfoy stomped on his face or around Hogsmeade.

There was nothing about Bill & Fleur (without this element will the wedding still be in the next movie as the reason why Harry should be at the Weasleys and why he has to be disguised?)

The only mention about Fenrir Greyback is a small wanted poster even though Fenrir Greyback is in the movie.

Dumbledore never explains what happened to his hand, and horcruxes are touched on a bit.

No mention of Percy and his issues with is family, or Harry meeting Scrimgeour

No apparition lessons

No trip to Marvolo Gaunts via the pensieve, nothing to do with Snape as the new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher besides being announced.

Where in the book did Death eaters burn the Weasley house down?

No run in with Mundungus Fletcher at Hogsmeade with him nicking Sirius' stuff.
Also my biggest beef is this: the way Albus Dumbledore died and what Harry was doing at the time of his death... and there was no funeral in this movie for Dumbledore.

Will there be a funeral at the beginning of the next movie?
The movie was overall ok but I felt that it lacked some key parts from the book. I have watched it twice I think I will watch it again on Thursday however this is my least favorite of all the Movies.. I understand time contsraints and that there is alot more in the book than the movies usually protray however and again just my personal opinion it just lacked.

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