03 July, 2009

My Scrap Cage Photos

This picture was taken in the doorway to the storage area..

My storage area door open.. Notice the shoe thing that holds
paper punches and many other misc bits and pieces..

This sits on top of the book case (pictured below) and is right as you walk into the storage
area..Sizzix dies, paper albums, ink pads and other misc stuff..lol
CTMH Stamps, some Unity Stamps, A Card Kit, Stickles, Ribbon, Stamotique Stamps, Cricut Cartridges
Kimono Cabinet..Full of Leaving Prints scrapbooking supplies from when I sold Leaving Prints
My Paper Cabinet, it is very ugly..I should paint or decorate it somehow..
Paper, Paper, Paper, Page Kits, CTMH Level 1 & 2 Kits
and alterable items (paint cans)
Cabinet with lots of flowers, cards made by me, jar of ribbon, adhesives, paper scraps and Styrofoam and pillars

My pegboard with some fru fru on it..
My work area..Cuttlebug, Cricut, Past projects hanging up my tool turn about
So on my floor (I live on the 8th out of 9) there are storage Units.. Where my storage unit is located there are 4 other units (A,B,C,D (I am E)), they are gated and behind a locked door and the storage unit is right in front of my housing unit.. Since my daughters fought so much at night we have given them each their own room and have relocated my craft supplies to this "cage".. One day I am going to make a sign that says "Scrap cage"..anywho after 2 days I still need to do some straightening up in this scrap area and in my house..
I hope you enjoy the photos!

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