30 July, 2009

Provo Crafts Gypsy

For weeks now Provo Craft has been playing with our hearts and minds, us with clues about their newest release. From the clues, many were able to discern that this new gadget was going to be some sort of hand held device that worked with your Cricut machine to let you design on the go and create all the art projects you could imagine in the palm of your hand.

This device is going to let you download all your Cricut Cartridges onto it and it will do everything the standard Cricut software can do, but without a computer!
With the Cricut Gypsy you can weld, stretch, rotate, slant, and all the other functions that come stock with the PC software Cricut Design Studio. It will also provide you with a central location to store all your designs, photos, and craft projects so you never have to worry about transporting your giant Cricut machine again to get what you want. The Gypsy also stores the manuals and overlays for all the cartridges, so you literally have everything to design and shape any art project you can imagine in the palm of your hand.

Gypsy Benefits:•No computer required•All CDS functionality on-the-go with no PC•Interfaces with CDS when connected to a PC•Stores All Content•Stores All Overlays•Stores All Manuals•Stores CDS Projects

Woot! Woot! WHo will be buying a Gypsy? I don't know if I will but I think the idea of this gadget is absolutely wonderful and provides alot of freedom for designers.. Think about virtually anywhere you go you can be creating fabulous designs..

Price Range 200-$300

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