09 August, 2009

Hoobastank Concert

Woo Hoo! Today Hoobastank is here, we are just one of their stops along their tour of Military Installations where they are giving a FREE concert! I couldn't be more excited.. I will be heading out the door for the meet & greet session hoping to get photos of them. Also because of the weather the concert location has been changed to a smaller venue so now I have to make sure I hoof it to the location with enough time to get a good set for the concert..Woot!

So I am sorry that I will be away from creating and posting today.. I am in concert mode armed with 2 cameras and a video camera.. crazy me? nah.. ok maybe just a little teeny tiny bit..

I was able to get some great photos outdoors of Smash Mouth when they were here but being indoors I think the photo quality will not be the best.. (disappointed but still hopeful)

Have a great day everyone!

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