06 August, 2009

New, New and New

Hello Everyone..

New Blog Name:
I have changed my Blog Name from Scraps N Wraps to Paper Crafters Anonymous..

New Blog Address:
I am preparing to move this blog to: www.papercrafters-anon.blogspot.com yeah how fun!
I hardly ever do any scrapbooking I am more of a papercrafter and cardmaker, and I definitely need to find a support group for this addiction of mine.. This is where the idea of the new blog name came from anyway and I thought to change the blog address to go along with the name change as well, but I didn't want to leave the old blog without telling anyone about the change..
I will keep you posted of the official changeover.

New Blog Look:
How do you like the new look of my blog? I see with all of my changes I may have disabled some links I will work on setting them all up again later today.

My Blog Description for Blogger:
PCA..Thats me a Paper Crafter Anonymous support group Leader.. Blogging about my obesseion with shopping, crafting and hoarding paper... Supplies I have them, but I can't stop buying rather than using them. CTMH Consultant, SAHM, Navy Wife, Friend , Volunteer my trials and errors of life and papercrafts.

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