26 September, 2009

Flo Rida Concert Tonight!

Let me just say, I have spent the past 2 hours loading, editing i.e cropping naming and saving, photo files from the Flo Rida concert in Atsugi.

I was home at 11pm, now it is 1am..wow! Lemme tell you if I had a gypsy I could have been creating all kinds of things while I was waiting for the concert to begin..
First at 330 I went with the Hubby and youngest DD to a BBQ as oldest DD went to a Birthday Party. So we went to the BBQ and and had a great time with good people and good food, hamburgers, steaks, yakisoba, salsa, jalapeno raspberry jelly and crackers, chili mac, chips, 7 layer bean dip and potatoes.. good good food.
Hubby drank a little and wasn't feeling well so went home while I went on to the concert. After looking for oldest DD in the crowd for about 30 minutes I decided to find a place to sit/stand for the concert. As luck would have it I was able to get in at the front row a little to the right of center of the stage right up against the ropes.

The first performer, that I was there for anyways, was Anuhea I had never heard her music before but I really enjoyed it.

Then after the stage change and some technical stuff including getting the mics to work, Lil Brianna came out. Again I had never heard of her but I really enjoyed her music as well, seems like I will have to hit Itunes to purchase and download some songs right? (of course)

Then Woot! Woot! Flo Rida, he signed towels and threw them out in the crowd, I had my hands on a towel 2 different times, the first time I was pushed so far against the ropes I was falling over them and the security guy holding me was the only reason I did not do a face plant, thankfully! I don't play tug of war though so I let both of the towels go (insert sad face, cause I really was sad about it).
However Flo Rida got on the shoulders of (I'm sorry I forgot his names, maybe a roadie or body guard), he was shirtless sweaty and wet after puring some water over his head and went in front of the crowd to give some love while singing Right Round.. At this point it was towards the end of the concert and I was hot from jumping around and screaming and being on my feet for 4 hours and with so many bodies against me. So I had taken my White shirt off and was wearing a white tank top, though I did not get to touch Flo Rida, I was able to give him my shirt and have him twirl it around a bit.. Woot! Woot! (I was excited) As he was handing it back to me the girl next to me tried to take MY shirt..LOL CRAZY!!

This was my best concert experience, I jumped, danced, sang and had a great time even though I attended the concert alone..

Thank you MWR NAF Atsugi and Flo Rida, Lil Brianna, & Anuhea for coming out and providing a wonderful night for the Military Families. We appreciate it!

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