16 September, 2009

Sprucing up your Blog

Hello everyone, no craft post today however I will be talking about changing the look of your blog. Now it is not as hard as it seems. As a matter of fact there are many outlets on the web that offer free designs so that you can personalize your blog to something fancier than the standard blogger template looks and colors.. If you have visited my blog more than once and or even sporadically you will have noticed I change my look sometimes too often sometimes not so often. It just depends on my mood and sometimes you will visit while I am in the midst of seeing which background works with my blog set up.

There are free options and I may repeat some that you already know and use but you might be able to find something you haven't seen before from the new.

Currently my header was made by Shabby Blogs and I added everything title and photos to it. The Blog background is from Aqua Poppy Designs her Free Backgrounds..

So without further ado, to spruce up the look of your blog you can use these free sites:
Shabby Blogs- Free Backgrounds, Headers, Buttons
Cutest Blog on the Block - Free Backgrounds, some with matching headers and buttons, & blog tips
Aqua Poppy Designs- Free Backgrounds
Hot Bliggity Blog - Free Backgrounds
Gisele Jaquenod & Birdie- Free Templates
Yummy Lolly - Free Designs

These are just a few of the places you can find online. I like to use the designs that are easiest to upload and do not include me messing with the original blogger template. You just go to customize add a gadget and drop the code under html and save.. That is the easiest for me. Although there have been times when I have altered my template with code via blogger but when I have gone to change the look I could never get anything to work correctly.

When changing the style and design of your blog, you could also opt to have someone completely redo or create something unique just for you.

Top on my list for paid services is:
Special Made Blog Designs Keep checking my blog within a few weeks I hope to have my complete ultra unique blog completed and uploaded by Whitney. She is easy to work with and her works is awesome.
Aqua Poppy Designs offers customized service, however she is currently on maternity until further notice
Hot Bliggity Blog
Yummy Lolly as Acorn Glue her custom design site - though she is currently not taking any requests if you like her designs and styles keep a look out on her blog for when she is

There are many other sites to choose from, you could also purchase premade templates.
For an example Delicious Design Studio your options are endless from free to a little out of pocket to $$$ out of pocket, it just depends on who you choose and how much personalization you are looking for.

Have fun updating your blogs for those that find soemthing interesting from these sites. If you know of a different site please let me know.. I love changing things on my blog.
Have a Creative Day! - Heather

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