22 September, 2009

Won tons Yummy!

As I was grocery shopping the other day I came across a package of won tons and decided that they looked easy enough to cook. (Even if they did not have a recipe for the filling) I decide to make chicken won tons, having NEVER made won tons before I purchased chicken, cilantro, onions and cheese.
When I got home I pulled out my ingredients, my chopper/food processor, a bowl of water, and a baking sheet as I decided to go healthier and bake them instead of fry.

Cooked Chicken
Season to taste .. my standby seasoning is: Tony Cacheres, Garlic Powder and Black Pepper

I lay out my won ton sheets on some parchment paper (I was afraid they would stick to the counter), filled them with the chicken mixture then using my fingertips, dip them in water and wet the edges to seal the won ton.
Won tons folded into a triangle and right before baking I brought the 2 edges together (it reminded me of a fortune cookie sort of). Not all of them made it into a triangle shape some I just folded over in half more like a rectangle. Then I brushed the tops of the won tons with egg and placed on a sprayed cookie sheet and baked for about 10minutes (or until golden brown)
This is how they won tons came out of the oven, I placed some salsa and sour cream out for dipping and they were light, crunchy and pretty darn tasty.
My next won ton filling will be a recipe I found online for Crab Rangoon I am really looking forward to trying it.

Thanks for looking, have a wonderfully creative day!

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