21 October, 2009

Birthday Invitations - Spongebob

My friend asked me to make some Birthday Invitations for her sons 8th Birthday due to out Exchange having slim pickins on invitations, I agreed.. Yippee! I was super excited and thought and searched and finally came up with a plan, talked with her soon to be 8 year old son and he liked the idea.. but....

I had high hopes for these invitations, I really wanted to use my new Spongebob Cartridge and cut them with the Cricut and stuff. Unfortunately I have not found a balance between work, sleep and free time.. Considering I do NOT have 2 days off in a row, which kind of sucks! (I work 5 days a week with split days off) My plans were big, with hand cut waves for water as it is a pool party spongebob layered on the card and a beach ball in the middle .. it looked great in my mind. Unfortunately I just did not find that kind of time.

Don't get me wrong I still really like these invites, they look really good but you know when you have a plan for soemthing and then you find you can't accomplish it you get kind of bummed. That is me right now..

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