09 October, 2009

First day on the job..

well I had my first day on the job today and it went pretty good. There is alot of information that was given to me and I made several transactions. I am working for the NEX at Personalized Services.

Personalized Services is responsible for the following:
Gift Cards
Phone Cards
Western Union
Hot Locker Storage Units
Gift Wrapping
Packing for Mailing
Floral Arrangements
NAF Atsugi souvenirs
Knick Knacks
Baskets & Vases
Business Cards
Name Tags
etc etc etc

The only I think I didn't put a toe in is the Floral part. I rang up transactions made several western union payments, packed items, dusted, arranged, and price checked items..

So after work I have to go looking for my kiddos so we can have dinner because I am off 2 hours earlier than I thought I would be and they are not answering their cell phones. After 30 minutes I give up and go home to check the answering machine. Ms. Amanda has a babysitting that started 3 hours earlier than she originally thought. Catie sue walks in the door and says she has Bible Study to go to (which doesn't start until 745pm and it's only 6pm), I inform miss thang that I am going to dinner she can go or stay.. Of course she for some unknown reason goes and glams herself up a bit.. LOL then we go out to dinner.. Yummy Friday Night Mongolian BBQ, delicious.. when I get home 730pm, no messages and turns out Bible study was cancelled tonight. I had given little miss thang my cell phone so she could call me when bible study was/is over. as I am surfing the net checking my emails, sending emails for our Girl Scout event Sunday the cell phone rings, and we don't get to it in time.. it is a non supported number, which means it is someone calling from the base.. so I scroll through my caller id to see who has called while I was at dinner..low and behold personalized services.. so now I am wondering.. did I do something wrong, was that them on the cell, do I have to work this weekend after all? not knowing suks... I tried calling them but hey close at 7pm so no one answers..ughhg I am not going to sleep well until I know why they were calling me.. ok..my whining is over and so is my story book.. if you read to the end.. you are a brave soul..

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  1. Oh, how I miss Mongolian BBQ!! And being able to afford to go out to eat!! You just forget while in Japan, how expensive the real world is!! lol


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