26 October, 2009

My Job

I forget how busy I feel when I am gainfully employed.. LOL It has been 3 years since I left my previous job as a Navy Lodge Supervisor, 3 years since my brother in law passed away. It seems like only yesterday, the hurt from his passing is not as fresh and the pain has dulled. The girls often talk about Peaches and what they did with him and when we lived at his and Adriens house, such joy the have from their memories and that is something I am very thankful for..

This post is not about that though, this post is suppose to be about my new job. Geesh, after 3 years of not working a 9-5 job (I guess you could say) I had forgotten how much time away from home and the kids a job takes away from you. I work most days from 10am - 6pm so I am able to get my girls off to school in the morning and if I time my break just right I can spend an hour with them after school (230-330) which leaves them at home for 2.5 hours to work on their homework and chores.. Needless to say but I am going to anyways, my 230-330 break time does not always pan out like I want it to. For example today I will be spding my break earlier and going to the Uniform shop to get the items my husband needs as well as packing a box with said items and mailing it to him on the ship because he forgot them. I will also be mailing my notebook swap, paying a phone bill and hopefully getting something to eat in between that time..

Working.. hmm I have had a home based business for a while, but as it wasn't really bringing in any extra income I took this new job and well while extra money is good is it worth it to lose the time with my family? I spend so much time after work arguing with the kids to pick up this and or that and staying up past their bedtime to work on homework they haven't finished that I am thinking possibly that being employed right now may not be the best time. Then when would be a good time? I'm in my early thirties my daughters are 12 & 10, in 10 more years I'll be in 40's and that will be a large span between employment, even 3 years seems to take people by surprise and I was actually passed on a position I believe because they did not like my reasoning for not being employed for the past 3 years.

My job is great the people I am around all day are fun people, the job isn't too bad there is alot to do but at least you stay busy (I always feel guilty for just standing around doing nothing) so I am always dusting or cleaning windows. I guess I need to figure out for myself do we need the extra income? and if we do is it a fair trade off to lose that time with my family?

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