27 October, 2009

My life.

My day so far today...

530am, Amanda wake up its 530... Amanda gets up I crawl back into bed and sink low in my covers and go back to sleep.

Amanda is my oldest and goes to Middle school on a different base so she has to ride the bus, she catches the bus at 630..

The doorbell rings, I have no clue what time it is as I don't have my glasses on.. Amanda - Mom the door..Amanda I fumble for my cell phone its 625 in the morning I'm sure the doors for you..Mom she asked for you.. I drag my sleeping non wearing a bra messy head morning breath self out of bed don't grab my glasses and head to the front door. who could be here for me at 625 in the morning.. my thoughts run to my husband being ill, my car lights being on etc etc..

I go to the door noticing my laundry room door that is right next to the front door is open (I hate it being open because my laundry room is ALWAYS a mess). There's some lady who I assume is also in her pajamas, I can't really tell without my glasses..

she says umm..I live just below you and I hate to ask this but I just got back from a long trip and there's always noise like banging and stuff coming from up here and like I'm really just got back from this long and I hate to ask but you could please keep the noise level down.. (or something to that effect)

I just stand there trying to process what she has just said, it's 630 in the morning, my daughter hasn't been loud at all, as a matter of fact she has been the quietest ever.. I'm tired, having been asked from my sleep which I desperately need to go to the door and listen to someone complain about the noise level from my house... so I say umm sure yeah..and close my door.

Here is the thing about this particular Military Housing I live in.. it is 9 stories of I guess you can call them apartments.. I live on the 8th floor, I have lived here for 5 years and NEVER had a noise complaint except from our next door neighbors once, that is when we had our TV on the common wall..it would shake theirs because of the bass.. Anywho.. so later today I am going to go this woman's house and ask what noise she hears when is it the noisiest etc etc.. to try and figure out what she is hearing to make her come all the way up to ask me to be quiet.. I have never asked anyone to quiet down. This is close living quarters everyone has a different schedule.. There are the people above who seem to lift weights at like 500am in the morning, or their daughter who plays 2 instruments at 9 sometimes 10 at night, I can even tell when she is wearing heels because it clicks on my ceiling wherever she walks..LOL But I have never ever once asked them to be quiet, it's something I have learned to accept. Is she asking too much my downstairs compadre, I don't know.
Honestly it depends in my opinion on where the noise is coming from and what noise she is hearing. Is it the microwave door, the laundry room door, do my daughters just walk heavy, are we purposefully slamming things around and making noise...no.. are we being too loud, maybe sometimes and I will take that into consideration..did I need to be told at 630 in the morning when I am groggy and full of sleep..I think not.

Ahh the joys of military housing and apartments.

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