06 October, 2009

No Longer Super Typhoon

Well according to the Typhoon meeting there will be no school tomorrow for the kiddos and I do believe this is the first time in 5 years that I have lived here that they have canceled school for Typhoon which now has me worried and a little itchy to get to the commissary and get some of the supplies they recommend having on hand. Hmm.. The kids of course are thrilled that they don't have to go to school. Caitlin asked me today what do we do for a Typhoon like in an Earthquake you have to get under your desk at school, so we chatted about making sure the patio is clear of things that will crash through the sliding glass door because of winds and stuff. So I may not be able to post tomorrow but even if I have to craft by candle light or flashlight I will do that to keep myself busy.

The following are notes from NAF typhoon meeting held by NAF CO, XO, departments, and tenants;

* Storm has down graded to typhoon strength vice super typhoon strength.

* Wednesday, 07 OCT will be a normal work day and all base services will be open. Forcasted to be rainy, but no winds. Some base services will have extended hours to accommodate last minute preparations (Auto Port,Commissary). Please take this time to ensure you have adequate supplies on hand. Expect to go into TYCOR 1 at 2100 Wednesday night.

* Thursday, 08 OCT, as per NAF CO, all base services and DODDs schools will be closed. Only "essential personnel" as designated by each command will report to work."Essential Personnel" need to be in place by 0700 Thursday morning.

Base gates will close during TYCOR 1 EMERGENCY which is when the winds exceed 50 knots. As of now, the NAF Galley will try to remain open through out the storm.

* Friday, 09 OCT will be a normal work day & clean up. 

- Thursday's forecast has the onset of strong winds starting at approximately 0900 in the morning. Expect 45-50 knots, with gusts to 65 knots most of the day. Heavy rain, 6-10 inches is expected. The heavy
rains and flooding on the base will be the most dangerous aspect of this storm.

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