28 October, 2009

Woes of having a job. ROFLMAO

For me it would seem that having a job is hazardous to my health and my ego..LOL.. 1. I face planted walking down the stairs, no one saw though so I'm good right? 2. A plastic shelving unit smacked me in the face and cut my above the lip 3. wrapping example from the wall I wa getting it down to do a christmas example and knocked evreything on the shelf down like a domino effect (I think I even chipped the shelf..) 4. I've locked up the computers 5. packed a receipt in a box.(LOL) 6. forgotten to give a card with a flower delivery 7. tripped and hit a wall after a flower delivery

is that enough? I am sure there is more, but thought I'd give everyone a luagh today. It is some funny stuff. I don't know if it's nerves or what but I really haven't been this accident prone since Junior High.

Have a great day!

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