05 November, 2009

Read A Thon

Shirley Lanham Elelmentary School is hosting a Read Athon.

This Read A Thon ecourages students and families to read and raise money for new SLES Library books.
The student gathers pledges from family, friends,etc. etc. then has to participate in the Read A Thon by reading for at least 30 minutes for 11 dys. They then collect the monies pledged and turn it in with their time sheet.

All readers receive a bookmark and $1.00 for every $10.00 pledged to spend at the school store

All students who earned $30.00 or more: will be recognized by a personal bookplate in a new library book.

Top Earning Class from each grade level: Ice Cream Treat

Top Individual Earners at each grade level: $25.00 NEX gift Card

Top Overall Earner: $50.00 Gift Card (Not eligible for $25.00 grade level prize)

It is really hard to receive pledges when you are in a small Community and most everyone has a child or more at the Elementary School.  I have always even as a little girl enjoyed books so being able to help the School receive new books is important to me. I enjoy reading now and buy and or check out many books, I love sharing the enjoyment of reading with others and finding books that take you to a different place. I want to make sure my children as well as others experience that.

This is the first year the school has done a Read A Thon with pledges, it does bring back memories for me of a Jog A Thon I did during Elementary school. Those days people pledged like .15 - $1.00 if you were lucky and paid according to how many laps you finished.

Ahh those are the moments.. Well I am heading out to my J-O-B, sometimes it sounds like such a dirty word..

I promise some layouts for you soon! I have them all laid out except for 3 pages, but you know what I can not find any adhesive.. ughghg.. when I have a day off I have to go hunt some adhesive down so I can finish these layouts.

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