09 November, 2009

Unhappy Floral Order


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picture of floweers on website

Does this floral arrangement in the picture look like the arrangement on the website?

Not to me.. after a discussion witht the owner of Bakersfield Finest Florist, who says she persoanlly made the bouquet and it was beautiful and that she followed the teleflora recipe for the Party Time boquet I ordered.. The only apology I received was for the delivery of the wrong day on the order.Everything else was my fault and she was hot as hell to tell me I am wrong..so what can I do?...

Nothing really. Though I was incorrect in saying only 2 carnations and 2 roses.. you can see that there are 3 carnations and 2 roses and 3 little red things that my Mom says are not rosebuds...

so disappointed..but whatever, I am in the wrong and next time I will stick with FTD......
Today- sooo tired this morning.. talked to the Florist and she happened to be the owner and was appalled and shocked and told me I was making fraudulent charges against her and how could I since she made the bouquet personally and it was beautiful and how dare I say that it was anything but .. she followed the recipe and I am wrong and she had to go because nothing was wrong with the boquet.about an hour ago · Comment · Like / Unlike

Yesterday- so upset at the Bakersfield Florists that my flower order was no where near the order that I placed.. I paid $60.00 for a floral arrangement and my grandma received about $12.00 -$20.00 worth of flowers and a buttload of babys breath I am so disappointed.. I have to wait a day to yell at them because they are not open on Sunday.. I may just end up doing a cc chargeback if they dont fix it.
These flowers were for my Grandmothers 90th Birthday Party that I was unable to attend. I chose the colors specifically and the arrangement because it would match the colors of her cake and the colors she said were her favorite. I'm sorry Grandma that they were not as wonderful as they should have been for your 90th birthday party.

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