07 March, 2010

Hiatus is Over!!

Well it seems that my blogging "Hiatus" has ended. I apologize for such a long absence, however after the difficulty with having my blog redesigned and my Husband being deployed I found it necessary to take time to myself. My craft has been neglected but I spent some much needed time with my family and reconnected.

 I am very disappointed that I paid for my blog to be redeisgned and in the end as you can see the person never finished the redesign because she became to overwhelmed and decided to give it up. However she never repaid me the money I paid her nor even if a semi complete design. Which is unfortunate for me and made me very angry that so many of my emails were never answered and I finally had to research her personal blog to find out that she had decided to stop designing blogs because it was too much for her and was no longer enjoyable. Anyways off of my little upset soap box now..

Looking forward to crafting again and posting more often. So super excited about everything!

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