07 April, 2010

7th Grade Math

Ok so it has been almost forever and a day since I have had to look at a textbook and do math problems. My Daughter is trying to catch up on the work missed while we vacationed in Guam annd she is working on calcualting the Percentage Change. Let me tell you what if it was not for the internet and yhaoo search I would be lost alot of times with helping her with her homework. I can tell her the answer but it will not help her I have to figure a way to explain to her how I came up with that answer and this is where the Yahoo search engine comes in for me..

Todays search result was this (search topic: how to calcualte percent change):

Take the old value and subtract it from the new value, then divide by the old value.

Step 2 Multiply by 100. That number represents the percent change.

Step 3 Here's an example:

Brayton School had 16 teachers in 1998. The next year, there were 12. What is the percent change from 1998 to 1999?

Take 16 and subtract 12. That's 4. Then divide 4 by 16. That's .25. Now mulitply by 100 and you get 25. That's the percent change. The number of teachers at Brayton School went down 25 percent from 1998 to 1999.

Isn't 7th grade math wonderful!

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