15 April, 2010

Cricut Cake Launch and my Win!

Oh my! I have been out of the loop for a while but I know that I could have sworn on one of the Cake Cook off shows I was watching I saw a Cricut being used.

So last night when I got home from work and having dinner with the fam I religiously got on my computer to check everything out as I usually do, and what do I see on my twitter but something about #cricutcake and it's official launch on HSN with giveaways!

I thought to myself, let me see what Provocraft has done now. I check out HSN and see the Cricut Cake and watch the video and I am floored. I call my Mom in the states without realizing it is 4am there for her, to ask her about this and to tell her she needs to purchase it. She is the baker in the family and already does fab cakes.
As Iwas on the phone with my Mom, I was tweeting, checking out the FB page and sitting on the Circut boards under the giveaways, talk about multitasking!
Can you believe Provocraft chose me as one of the lucky winners! For retweeting, I was so excited, I won the Birthday cakes cartrdige! Woot! 

 Could you believe those cakes from the videos, since I was not able to find HSN for the live launch? WOW! Is all I could say and gee I really need to get back in touch with the cricut board and everything new happening. Although when that  happens I tend to spend more money! I just opened the 7 NEW carts I purchased in 2 months (gasp!)..

Thank you Provocraft and HSN for a wonderful launch and all of the wonderful prizes that were given. Thank you! Thank you! for choosing me as one of the winners, I feel so lucky! I was there with the Gypsy launch all over the place and I will be there for your next launch of whatever that will be!
So... Did you order your cake???


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