27 November, 2010

Black Friday Deals?

So amid my Husbands Hail & Farewell, my working at my store location and helping at the Main Store prepping for Black Friday and on Black Friday in 72 hours I have only slept 11 hours. We have so much going on, I am juggling so many balls and wearing too many hats.

 Yet I was able to get some retail therapy and by far my best deal was a pair of Coach glasses for $59.00
What was your best deal?

I can NOT wait to be stateside and be able to take advantage of the scrapbooking deals at local stores. 39 more days until we are stateside!13 more days until my Birthday, I have been dropping DH hints about what I want for my B-day and Christmas since early November..

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. I give thanks everyday for the life made possible by God that I am living, my Family, my Friends and my Health. This last years has been the best by far I have grown as a person as mother and as a friend, I have shed some barriers and learned to be more accepting, understanding and I am still working on the being more patient. There were some rough times and without family, friends and prayers I don't know how I would have made it through, Leaving Japan is going to be hard because of the bonds and friendships I have made here and the way we lead our life here in Japan more carefree than we could ever be in the US.


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