24 November, 2010


Our time in Japan is winding down to it's end. I am trying to squeeze as much as I can in my last few weeks of the many sights activities I have yet to see and do..
With packing working and cleaning still to do I have to consider I may be taking on a bit too much or may even be a bit crazy with everything I want to do.

Sunday I am touring the Asahi Brewery and a Temple.. I am waitlisted for Kyoto sightseeing Tour and we are thinking about doing the Nikko Tour. I would like to stay at the New Sanno and take a trip to one of the Iron Chef Restaurants in Tokyo as well as check out the Vampire Cafe and Alice in Wonderland Cafe in Ginza. We are planning on driving up to Mt. Fuji ourselves I would personally like to take the tour, but having a day with the Fam Bam in car could be fun!

I am sad with Thanksgiving and the Black Friday sales and the fact that my place of employment is losing all associates which made me push my last day back by 2 weeks, we are just so busy have had so much going on. Grand Opening of the new improved NEX, all hands are asked to assist with the sales before and after when scheduling allows so some days I am scheduled for 10 hours a day to work at the Main Store and my store.. SOOO Crazy, right? I just can not say no.

So the lack of blogging and posting and creating has to do with the fact that I am juggling so many balls, moving overseas, working over time, kids, work, packing..etc etc..


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