23 December, 2010

All I want for Christmas

I know my family is technically "SKIPPING" Christmas this year, due to our move back to the good ol US of A. I couldn't help but let my DH know what I wanted for Christmas most of all.

Let me first say that when the Cricut Imagine launched I jumped on it and the chance to purchase, being in Japan my only option to purchase it at the launch was through HSN and have it shipped to my Mother in California. I had done this before with purchases through HSN, but for some reason when I tried to make the purchase it kept giving me an error and telling me I had to call. So I gave in and finally called HSN, now since I was on the phone there were some additional charges, after swallowing down my irritation and comment i wanted to make I purchased the Cricut Imagine..

I kept emailing my Mother to see if she had received the package yet. Then I came across a post on the Cricut message board saying how some people will not be receiving the Cricut Imagines they will have to wait  because they ran out and kept selling.. So I gave it one more week and nothing from HSN> I had no choice but to call them and when I did I found out I was one of the ones who would be receiving the Cricut Imagine later rather than sooner... Fine, Fine, fine I htought though I was definitely disappointed...

Then about 2 weeks later I receive an email from HSN saying there was some sort of discrepancy with my credit card regarding the mailing address/billing address/expiration so anyways the order was cancelled because I was not home within the time frame to respond to the emil. Of course I tried to call them and I wouldn't get the same deal so I was a bit upset and put ordering the Cricut Imagine on the back burner..

However since it is Christmas my Christmas list consists only of the Cricut Imagine, as soon as I land in Florida and rest for a couple of days I hope to order and have in my hot little hands the Cricut Imagine!

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