18 December, 2010

Blue Monkey Butt/No Sleep/Travel

Conversation posts I had on Facebook regarding my Kyoto Tour with my Mother..

‎2 Mochas at around 730pm and I can't sleep.. Cleaned out the freezer.. Tried to do the dishes but since the sleepover is in the living room they asked me to stop making noise.. Ha ha ..waiting for the bus now for the Kyoto Tour.. I hope this Caffeine buzz wears off so I can sleep on the bus.. 0300 is too early to be awake/not to have slept yet...

*Mom* hope there is a bathroom on it or it makes a lot of rest stops, hope you can sleep too

One hour of sleep isn't bad I guess I could do without the snaking my body between the reclined seat in front of the girl next to me and the girl next to me when having to pass her as she sleeps or just turns her legs inward... I hope I don't have to pee again before the next rest stop... Yes there's a plane sized potty on the bus nothing like the door touching your knees as u sit there trying to pee when it feels like the bus is pulling g's on the freeway going through curves.. Here's hoping the blue water doesn't splash my num .. I really don't need a blue monkey bum... Haha

*Mom* well stay away from the free soft drinks sorry you just may end up with the blue monkey butt but you'll have fun LMBO


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