17 December, 2010

Gyoza House

What is gyoza, you ask?  Basically they are little pot stickers filled with meat and veggies.  They can be steamed or fried.  They are to be eaten while still hot, and dipped in a combination of soy sauce, garlic, oil and red pepper (or any combination thereof.)  

The favorite go to place around here for gyoza is the Gyoza House (also called Mankin) in Sagamihara.  There we order gyoza and they bring it out scalding hot and mouth watering.  The gyoza here is a little different here than the typical gyoza sold in other restaurants.  Instead of being pinched into a crescent shape, these are folded into little bundle-like balls.  They cook them in a frying pan and come to our table all stuck together and cozy like they were cooked.  

There are several different options for dining, and three floors I believe.  Downstairs they have tables and a long counter.  Before heading upstairs one must remove one's shoes.  Upstairs- they have the low tables where you sit on the floor.  I still can't get my legs to appreciate sitting on the floor.  

So a large group of us went to the Gyoza House tonight, there were 6 adults and 6 children. We chose to dine upstairs this was my first time dining upstairs, after removing our shoes we headed up the steps. The table charge is 200 yen and lo and behold on the wall is a sign that pretty much says, order everything you want at one time because we will not have time to come back and take orders for seconds/additional drinks.. HA HA can  you imagine a sign like this in the US? I want to go back just to take a picture of that sign.

The DH & I ordered, Egg Drop Soup, Kimchi, 20 Gyozas  (you order in sets of 10 for the Fried) and Rice (Gohan- steamed white rice).

In 3.5 hours I have to be at the bus stop to go on my Tour of Kyoto, none of my FAM wanted to go with me so it will be me and who knows who else.. ALL day long tomorrow, I packed snacks went to the ATM and took yen out charged my camera and am packed and ready to go. Now only if I could sleep!

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  1. Gyoza House is awesome! I wish I could get back there and have some. It would be worth the trip!


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