01 December, 2010

My Bucket List

  1. Go to an Ice Bar
  2. Kiss Passionately in the Rain
  3. Go to Mt. Fuji
  4. Visit Kyoto
  5. Visit Hiroshima
  6. Attend a Fertility Festival
  7. Travel to all 50 States
  8. Visit Ireland
  9. Have an Irish Beer in an Irish Pub
  10. Kiss the Blarney Stone
  11. Publish a Children's Book
  12. Capture lightning in a Photograph
  13. See the Grand Canyon
  14. Finish a 365 Day Photography Project
  15. Send a Message in a Bottle
  16. Get a Meaningful Tattoo
  17. Take a Photo in a Sunflower Field
  18. Be a Healthier Fitter Me
  19. Be more outgoing
  20. Have more fun!
  21. Learn CPR
  22. Go to Mardi Gras
  23. Visit Germany during Oktoberfest
  24. Participate in a Breast Cancer Walk
  25. Go Geo caching
  26. Visit Yosemite National Park
  27. Learn more than High School Spanish
  28. See a Cirque de Soleil Show
  29. Take a Photography Class
  30. Learn how to develop pictures in a darkroom
  31. See the Chip N Dale Dancers
  32. Watch the AFI's 100 Greatest Movies
  33. Learn how to Ball Room Dance
  34. Have a paper craft project printed in a magazine
  35. Be on a Design Team
  36. Teach a paper crafts class
  37. Learn how to Irish Step Dance
  38. Learn how to fishtail braid
  39. Go On a Cruise
  40. Visit Hershey Pennsylvania & the Hershey Factory
  41. Go to Bush Gardens
  42. Go to Universal Studios
  43. Attend Comic Con
  44. Attend a Scrapbook Expo
  45. Go to Provo Utah
  46. Take a trip to New York
  47. Go to Forks, Washington
  48. Read ALL Time 100 Novels
  49. Visit the Korean DMZ
  50. Cut down my own Christmas Tree
  51. Dance in the Rain
  52. Be in Two Places at Once
  53. Have my own scrap room
  54. Take a Cooking Class
  55. Make Thanksgiving Dinner
  56. Learn to Make Pecan Pie
  57. Do Volunteer Work in another Country for at least a Month
  58. See the Northern Lights
  59. Go to a High School Reunion
  60. Attend a Movie Premiere
That's all I have for now.. Just some food for thought.. Have a great night everyone!


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