12 December, 2010

Sightseeing Trip on my Birthday

View of Mt. Fuji from the bus on our way to Miho Pine Grove

Sign about the Legend of Hagoromo


The Beauty of the Trees, the Legend of the Dancer
Miho-no Matsubara is one of the three key pine tree forests in Japan, with 54,000 pine trees spread across about 7 kilometers of sea shore. The view of Mt. Fuji from the beach is truly breathtaking. The area is so scenic that it was selected as one of the Three Places of Scenic Beauty in Japan in 1916.


Beyond the pilgrimage path that leads south from Miho Shrine, nicknamed “Kami-no Michi (Path of the Gods),” is the site of the legend of the celestial dancer called “Hagoromo-no Matsu (The Pine of Hagoromo).” Crowds gather in the morning on New Year’s Day to see the sun rise over the mountains of the Izu Peninsula.

Legend of the Dancer:Hagoromo

画像The legend of Hagoromo, which has spread across Japan and part of Asia, has a similar story in Europe as well. The legend of Hagoromo of Miho is as follows: “Long, long ago, in the village of Miho there lived a fisherman named Hakuryo. One day, Hakuryo found a beautiful robe hanging in the branches of a pine tree and decided to take it home. At that moment, a celestial woman appeared and said, ‘That is a heverly robe. Please give it back.’ However, Hakuryo was so happy that he showed no sign of wanting to return the robe. Then the woman started to cry saying, ‘I cannot return to Heaven unless you return the robe!’ Hakuryo said he would give it back on the condition that she danced in the sky for him. The woman gladly obliged, dancing in the spring sky of Miho. Finally, she was able to ascend to Heaven. It is said that she danced in the beautiful early evening moonlight on the night of a full moon.”
Monument to Elene


This monument is dedicated to the French ballerina, Elene Giuglaris, who loved the Noh play “Hagoromo” and dreamed of Miho-no-Matsubara, but died before visiting here. A lock of Elene´s hair is buried beneath the monument.

(ACK! having problems loading photos at the moment)
I went with my girlfriend Nicole and her 2 DD's ages 3 & 4, her husband unfortunately had to work this day and was unable to attend the tour!

From Miho we went to see Kakegawa Castle. As soon as I can load photos I will post more!


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