02 January, 2011

Happy New Year!/ DT Call @ MPS

Welcome 2011! We had a nice News Years Eve at a friends house where we played the Wii and did some Karaoke.. It was really nice to spend New Years Eve with good friends..

Our moving date has changed to January 13th, 2011... Due to traveling with pets and the fact that the Flight can only accommodate 2 pets per flight.. So here we are in house for an additional week on stick furniture.. Thankfully we have internet and cable still, I am hoping we call them in time tomorrow before they shut it off.

It is a little disheartening though that we are not leaving and then again it's nice that I get an additional week with my friends. Though with the new year there are many craft related opportunities, ie Design Teams and Calls, if you have read my Bucket List then you know that being on a Design Team and having something Published is on my bucket list. Unfortunately having everything from my house on a boat back to the US puts a damper on entering things like this. Another reason I am SUPER excited to go ahead and move forward so I can get back to all of my household goods and craft supplies.

I hope all of you have a great 2011, I know for me personally 2010 had some ups and downs and passed by so quickly! I look forward to 2011 and what it will bring.

Check out My Pink Stamper Robyn has 2 opening for her 2011 Design team!

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