25 January, 2011


Welcome to Jacksonville Florida! Well we really were not welcomed and after a week we still havent met up with anyone from my DH's work nor his sponsor or anything. Though for being a week here we have accomplished ALOT. We both have a car BMW 325i and a BMW 540 (or something like that). We have put in an offer on a house with a pool that has been accepted we are just waiting for all of the paper work to go through, we will hopefully close by 28 February, around this date is when our household goods from Japan is suppose to arrive. We have been in our rental house for a couple of days and the girls started school on Monday at Oakleaf Junior High. I have shopped a bit and purchased a few things from Joanns & Michaels.  Yahoo! Now all I need is all of my CTMH, Cricut and ippity items to arrive.. We thankfully had cable and internet installed yesterday, yeah!

As I am typing this I am watching DYI, where they just redid this bathroom so GORGEOUS! A part of a tree as a sink, a nickel plated tub, garden view, body dryer.. umm can I find him in a home improvement store?

Have a great day everyone!

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