07 January, 2011

Last Minute Shopping

Taking in some last minute shopping before moving to Florida.. Took my first trip to La La Port yesterday, and although I only went to 2 stores it was enough. From La La Port we took a leisure trip to Ikea and spent lots of time there picking out rooms and designing things and just walking around. Too much fun!
Thanks Celie for letting me tag along with you!

Claires: 3000¥

                                          H&M  Hair Bands, Hair Clippies, 4 rings, necklace 2 pairs of tights
                                           Franc Franc 1000¥
                                          IKEA 1200¥ including the Blue Ikea Bag
                                         one of the rings from H&M
                                          another ring from H&M
                                         a GREAT butterfly ring from H&M
                                         Love this flower locket, Gorgeous also from H&M  

A great haul for shopping I was really happy with everything I bought I have a great use for those little wooden boxes, my butterfly ring has received a few compliments already. We are leaving on Thursday my Dh is trying to work out the one snafoo in the traveling plans. He is currently scheduled to fly AMC to Seattle then go Commercial to Jacksonville. Where I am scheduled to travel with the 2 girls, the 2 cats out of Narita to Jacksonville. It is not so much the traveling without my DH that bothers me it is that I am responsible for the kids, the cats and should something go wrong how am I suppose to let him know?
Hopefully his command will get behind him and help us out so he can be on the same route we are traveling.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day! Thanks for reading my blog for those that are still with me. As soon as I can I will get back to Crafting.. The soonest possible moment after landing in Florida..

<3 to all of you, Happy Crafting!

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