12 January, 2011

Traveling Time

My last day in Japan was filled with friends & tears. Our house inspection went outstanding it was surprising that they said we should not have cleaned, I guess after 7 years they would be doing a complete overhaul on the place.? We stressed over nothing..

I went to lunch today with Girl Scout Leaders and the DMM & Adult Leader. After we had lunch they presented me with an Outstanding Volunteer Award after reading a letter from a Girl who was in my Troop 2 years ago and other Leaders. I felt so honored and /.privileged and even had to hold back my tears to hear all of the touching things about me. Girl Scouts has given me as much if not more than I have given it, I look forward to pursuing Girl Scouts in Florida as a Leader or in any other capacity needed.

We had a farewell dinner with our closest friends and their children, this also made me go all misty eyed looking down the table and new and old friends realizing that I am leaving tomorrow morning and that I will miss them all sooo much. In little parts I have realized that I am Officially leaving Japan but until I hit the ground in the US of A I will not fully comprehend that I am leaving it all behind. I have loved the past 7 years and would have welcomed 3 more but I am ecstatic to return to the States. Who knows maybe in 3 years we will be here again. though I don't think I would come full time just in the Summer or whenever he would not be deployed..this is looking to far into the future though.

We have had many changes to our tickets and plans all the way down to the last minute CSD was open today. Currently my DD's and I are traveling from NRT-DFW-JAX and being picked up by my DH's sponsor and taken to the Lodge. We arrive in JAX at 1435, 1.5 hours after taking off in Japan. This is soo hiliarious to the kids.

DH is traveling AMC Yokota-SEA with the cats and then the next day on the 14th he will travel SEA-DFW-JAX hopefully the weather is good and the cats will be able to travel with no problems. Keeping my fingers crossed for you DH.

To my fellow Atsugians, peace out I loved it here see you on Facebook and I'll keep you posted of all the wonderful deals stateside like at Target or Pier 1 ha ha!

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