25 February, 2011

Gods Rays

Today was a nice day in Florida.. I dropped the kids off to school visited AC Moore spent more $ than I intended on doing..  Found a potential NEW Craft that could possible bring in $... Cleaned house, my DH treated me to coming home early today (yeah, a welcome surprise!).. I think I convinced DH to buy me a Workbox  to use for my crafting supplies until my scraproom is built, so another YEAH!

Picked the kids up from school and eventually we went out to eat dinner.

We went to Trent's Seafood Restaurant, so delicious! They have a platter for 2 that actually fed 2 adults and 2 teenagers, it had hushpuppies, calamari, oyster, stuffed crab, scallions, french fries, shrimp (all fried)..

When we returned home we found this adorable Dog, running around the street no collar no tags..(we live near a busy street), so we fed her and gave her water and she is chilling in the backyard. DH wants to bathe her tomorrow, I told him NO way are we keeping another animal. Hopefully the posters will help find the owner.
BLING who doesn't like LOVE Bling?
 Well my iPhone 4 was looking a little dull, yes I did purchase a cover for her because I don't want her to be scratched as I am prone to dropping my phone for some reason. So my cover is all black and blah and boring. Today at AC Moore I picked up these 2 Bling items made by Queen & Co.
Here is how the cover of my phone now looks, I like it just a touch of personality!

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