22 February, 2011

Happy Bird-Day Bag

                 I thought I would get a little crafting in with my crazy schedule.. 

I have been feeling under the weather so I have been sleeping in and going to bed late.. ughh.. On a better note, we are hoping to move into our NEW house this week and that means I will have all of  my household belongings! Including my whole Scrap Cage of Crafting supplies! I wonder where it will all go while we are building my scrapping "cottage", my husband is thinking a 12x20 or something close to that. He keeps calling a Pool House, I keep telling him NOTHING pool related will be in there!

I have picked out the paint colors, some of the decor and we are talking about shelves and other storage. It will be insulated, have ac and when I get stuck on a project I can lounge in my pool to rejuvenate! I will be so excited when the project is finished, though I will hate having to relocate AGAIN all of my supplies at least I will have a permanent space that is all MINE away from the house but not too far!

on to the project I pulled out my Cricut Imagine and created this Bag from the Cricut Imagine Art Cartridge, Imagine More Cards

It will hold some candies or a gift card for the next birthday. Quick & easy 10 minute tops project!

Supplies Used:
Cricut Imagine
Cricut Imagine Art Cartridge, Imagine More Cards (1)
Cupcake Cuts from the Cricut Imagine Yummy Cartridge (2)
Double Sided Adhesive
Red Tissue Paper form Hall Mark
Bag came from cart (1) 
Sentiment came from cart (1)
Photos were taken with my iPhone 4 

                                              Thanks for looking!

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