15 February, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

We have been thinking about getting a dog since before we left Japan.. Who can resist adorable puppies? Well me of course.. That is until yesterday when we stopped with the kids to look at some puppies for sale.. He was so cute a white with black spots Jack Russell Terrier making him look like a cow. The woman had named him Moo. We sat there talking and petting the puppy and my kids are each taking turns nudging me begging me please to let them have a dog.. I will help you take care of him they each promise. Of course DH stands there silently letting me be the decision maker, because when he bought the girls Cats when we first arrived in Japan I was against having pets and he totally guilted me into saying yes. So this time the decision had to be all mine..


Happy Valentines from our Newest Addition to the Family!

So DH did not like the name Moo, he said Moose and we liked it but later on the girls wanted to call him MoMo I think we are sticking with Moose. He had a bath, poor thing.. We <3 him, the cats not so much yet.. Ha Ha! Puppy Training in the near future at PetSmart!

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